The finger pointing needs to stop

When Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot January 8th, a large wave of anti-tea party citizens and media were quick point fingers to the tea party’s “violent rhetoric” as a motive for the tragedy.  Yes, she posted a poster with cross hairs of districts to target and Miss Giffords was one of them. But why didn’t the media report on left-wing blog Daily Kos’ target map?

Does this man look sane?

People on both sides of the isle do things outrageous, over the top, politically incorrect. Unfortunately, our politicians and media like to paint the right as the one violent, spiteful, hateful ones. The same day Miss Giffords was shot, the politically motivated, investigating sheriff Clarence Dupnik was, instead of interviewing the suspect or simply looking at his mugshot, blaming the right wing for their vitriol. As he days wore on, he continued his media campaign instead of working to bring Jared Loughner to justice. Mind you, ALL media reports said Jared Loughner was not talking after he was arrested. So before the psychotic, cold blooded killer even said word one, Dupnik was far too eager to put blame at the feet of blameless people (regardless of the fact after some real gumshoe work, Loughner had an infatuation with Giffords since 2007, well before Palin even made political waves). Even President Obama, as you can see in the bottom video, points the finger just after the last bullet was fired.

CNN does a good job here of maintaining neutrality in the piece, saying the suspect was not cooperating and we have no idea what the motive is (save for Wolf Blitzer trying to squeeze anything out of the Sarah Palin theory at the end). Too much of the media was not so cautious, however. Just bringing Palin up rubbed people the wrong way. Guilty by association before we even knew the shooters name. Most of the media maintained their stance that vitriol, rhetoric and gun nuts created this mess. In the above video, Jessica Yellin mentions Palin backlash on Twitter. Youtube is notorious in right wing circles for pulling politically right videos. I would have loved to show you a Twitter montage of people calling for Sarah Palin’s rape, assassination, death, but Youtube pulled the video it violated it’s terms of service.

But fear not! The left has come out in full force once again, this time calling for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s death over the union battles going on in Madison.

Again, where is this in the media? Why isn’t this being reported on?

Oh, there you are. I’m going to be honest and for the first time say “Bravo MSNBC.” For the first time, they asked the question above. Why aren’t we showing these people when they’ve been here along with everyone else? Remember, just because we don’t see it in the media doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Do your homework.


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