Egypt and Wisconsin: In no way comparable

Do NOT fall into this trap.

I’ve been mulling this post for a week or more but it’s now time to go ahead. We need to have an honest discussion with everyone in the general public but mainly the media perpetuating an ugly, ugly comparison.

Here is a challenge for you: Watch an opinion show or read a column sort of coverage on the Wisconsin protests. See if the commentator compares the Egyptian plight to those of Wisconsin public workers. It seems to me the only comparison is the ill treatment of media members.

People that see Madison as a similar to Cairo are as naive as they come. Jon Stewart agrees and puts it bluntly. After showing clips of media making this cringing comparison, he says this:

They’re not the same in any fu***** way, shape, or form. At all. At all. Not at all. This is the same as people in the Middle East overthrowing years of dictatorship?

Finally, someone is getting this right. The Egyptian protests were spurred by dire economic conditions.  During the last presidential election (2005) Hosani Mubarak a stunning 88.6% of the vote.  Many irregularities were found and the Mubarak’s political party (voted for in block, not individual representatives) easily won the legislature. Oppositional political speech was nonexistent and the people had no way to address their grievances or gain any freedoms from a power hungry regime.

There were many signs to choose from

So for anyone to compare Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Mubarak, let alone Hitler is incredibly unfair. As an aside, remember the huge outrage over Obama depicted as Hitler on signs? Where is the outrage now? Shouldn’t the media be calling out people on both sides?

Walker was elected in November by a democratic majority without objection of the results. As well, the citizens voted for a republican senator and a majority of GOP state house reps. In 09, democrats in control of the house, senate and white house continued to remind America and Republicans that “elections have consequences.”

State elections are no different. Egyptians haven’t had the benefit of free elections or even a way to oppose the government. Mind you, if the people in Wisconsin were in Libya, they would be getting shot at, so they should show a little more caution when comparing themselves to Middle East protesters. Wisconsinites should also be  concerned with 14 Democratic Senators, also elected to represent the people have fled their duties and have now been found guilty of contempt of court as protesters have been ordered by a judge to leave the capitol. Which leads to an interesting question:


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