Access to the Libyan Movement

I truly believe the situation in Libya will long be a fascinating lesson for history classes to study. Not taking away from the plight of other protesters in the region, but in the face of planes gunning down citizens, Libyans have stood their ground and vowed to fight for their freedom. Unlike the relatively peaceful protests in Egypt, this battle (Civil War?) has been shown in the western media as if it happened within our borders.

First, we have to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet and allowing the free flow of
information. But in all seriousness, the internet has a been a wonderful tool for Libyans and outside media members to get news of this conflict out to the world.

Child in Kenya using a FlipCam

I mention this because of this outstanding piece of journalism given to us by the Dailymail in the UK. The pictures are stunning. The detail is tremendous. The eye-witness accounts are harrowing.

The play-by-play access and accounts we have about events half way around the world is a wondrous thing. All you need is a camera phone and someone to send it too and it could be on the news in a far away land. Like this astounding video:

As I mentioned in my About Me section, sports is one of the most pervasive aspects of my life. Analysts will tell you one of the reasons sports are so popular is genuine human emotion being displayed. But this video reminds us, sport is just a game. This is life and death.


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