Please think before you speak

Adrian Peterson!

Courtesy xoque Flickr Page

This man is Adrian Peterson. He plays running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He is one of the most talented football players in a long time. The NFL has had recent labor disputes with its players, and in a candid moment, Peterson told us how he really feels about making $10 Million a year:

It’s modern-day slavery, you know? People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too.

What?!!? Modern-day slavery? Again, Peterson makes over ten million dollars. Think about the absurdity of that statement.

USA Today also said March 9th, 2010 “The NFL’s average salary for 2009 was $1.896 million, with a median of $790,000.” One year of making almost 2 million dollars and I could, with safe investments, retire. And players are not working crop fields, but playing a game. A game they allegedly love.

Slaves were whipped, beaten, maimed and worked until they fell.  They were given little if any money and were considered property. Sure, players can be traded and used for owner’s financial gains, but they are, many argue, overcompensated.

Here’s a little of what Peterson can do on the field:

These comments from Peterson just adds to the disconnect pampered athletes have with reality. Peterson is one of my favorite players. He is very fast and very strong, a rare combination. He works hard and makes spectacular plays while showing a tenacity that is unmatched.

But as his agent backtracks, we need to think about hurtful, vile things we say, before we say them. Don’t compare leaders to Hitler, he was a different kind of crazy.


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