Where is Obama??

Muammar al-Gaddafi, lunatic leader of Libya, has been winning the fight to push back rebels looking to win freedom and independence. In Egypt, the leadership did nothing, and a peaceful, fairly nonviolent victory was won.

But for weeks now, Libyans have been on their own, fighting against a national military. They have mounted a noble offensive, but are now their gains are being turned around as the Libyan military and outside mercenaries are taking back rebel strongholds. Finally today, the UN passed a no-fly zone, something bandied around for weeks.

This map is from March 7th. Gaddafi forces are pushing east toward Benghazi. Via feb17.info

Meanwhile, Japan is almost literally melting down. Their earthquake/tsunami one-two punch has left hundreds of thousands homeless, 10s of thousands dead or missing, and a nuclear plant that is getting worse by the minute.

But where is the leadership? Where on earth is our president? Sure, we aren’t privy to all

the behind the scenes discussions, but shouldn’t there be some visible action on our part? Our military is off the west coast of Japan, avoiding radiation (and all the devastation as well) on the east and nothing is happening in Lybia.

When talking to Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, Obama talked openly about Ireland and the ever-so-crucial St. Patrick’s day.

Overall, the state of the relationship of our two countries is extraordinarily strong. This is a wonderful tradition … St. Patrick’s Day, for me to be able to once again reaffirm the great warmth and affection that have towards the people in Ireland.

Great, awesome, fantastic. Where is that love for the Lybian people? Or candid, unprepared compassion for Japan? When asked while sitting with Kenny, Obama said “I’m

Where is Obama? Michelle doesn't even know. Via theobamadiary.com

not going to be answering questions now, I’ll be making a statement later.” His compassion even has to be read through a teleprompter.

I can’t ever knock a president for keeping up with foreign relations. But he is taking the next few days, vital in the Japan and Libya situations, and going on a South American tour, refusing to cancel or reschedule because “Mr Obama felt the visit was important to help boost U.S. jobs.” So watching basketball and doing TV spots on NCAA brackets are good for jobs too? Obama continues to be out of touch with the rest of the world and more importantly, the American people.

Lastly, in ironic news, Barack H. Obama Elementary School in Asbury Park, NJ will be shutting down effective July 1 because of fiscal issues in the district.


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