Another example of insane union power

This will be a short post. If you showed up drunk to your private sector job, wouldn’t you be fired? Watch this video and tell me public unions do not have too much power.

There’s a provision in these union contracts allow first time offenders of substance abuse policy to keep their job?? Of course, if this driver was fired, the union would come after whomever fired the worker. You mess with unions, they will come after you.

Leslie “LV” VanBlaricom, who delivered a business community statement on this year’s teacher contract talks at a recent McMinnville School Board meeting, has lost her job as manager of OnPoint Community Credit Union’s McMinnville branch.

This lady simply read a statement from the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce (not from her, she just read it) that happened to say:

We do not want to be perceived as opposing teachers and/or education but want to stand up to the unreasonable demands of the teacher’s union given the current state, local and national economic conditions.

So what did the teacher’s union do? They went to her employer OnPoint Credit Union (formerly Portland Teacher’s Credit Union with longstanding ties to area unions) and demanded she be fired. And she was. And they were proud of it. Just another couple examples of union strong arming.


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