Gloria Allred will do anything for fame

Gloria Allred is lawyer. She is also a pig. A media hound. She will do ANYTHING for attention, publicity and to keep her name relevant. I am have been utterly disgusted with her conduct before in the past, but the last couple months, she has really gone over the edge to a place I have never seen.

Let’s lay this out simply:

  • Lawrence Taylor, oft considered the best defensive player ever in football, met, paid and and fooled around with a prostitute.
  • He claimed she told him she was 19 years-old, despite actually being 16.
  • Because of her minor status, and being a victim, her name was withheld, being only known as C.F. throughout proceedings.
  • In interviews with lawyers and newspapers, she reiterated she said she was 19, as that’s what her pimp told her to say.
  • After the encounter, Taylor was arrested on major charges which were eventually plead down to patronizing a prostitute and sexual misconduct. Taylor plead guilty to those charges March 22.

Now, through all of this process, the victim was, rightly, unknown. Aside from reporters trying to get a name and pictures, the victim was largely anonymous. That was until Gloria Allred became involved and dragged the victim in front of cameras Tuesday.

I am in no way defending Taylor or his actions. In post-plea deal interviews he has said he didn’t think he’d get caught because “it’s something everyone does.” His actions have been vile. But if his attorney Arthur Aidala is telling the truth in this video, they did all they could to help and hide this victim after the crime. And Allred showed her dollar signs.

Notice Allred, in the black suit with white trim, laugh the whole thing off.

You be the judge. Did Allred do this now 17 year-old girl a disservice?


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