Lesley Stahl: Typical Liberal Media Member

I give a lot of credit to shows like 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper 360. I often yell at the TV while I watch shows like this, but I love hearing stories. Cooper gets himself and his producers on the ground, he talks about stories others glaze over. And the folks at CBS do the same with their Sunday Primetime news show, giving unique stories about interesting subjects. Tonight’s show was no different.

No different in the interesting stories and no different than we’d come to expect from the liberal media. Lesley Stahl, going on location in Switzerland (business and pleasure?), did profiles on companies “dodging” taxes by setting up headquarters in countries with lower tax rates. Here is that report:


15 seconds in, she is already saying we have a way that can “help out” the government. Read the slogan at the top of my blog. Why she is trying to bail out the government by finding it extra money to gobble up is beyond me. This report pretty much speak for itself. But in case you don’t feel the ire I do while watching it, let me tell you how I felt.


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