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Lesley Stahl: Typical Liberal Media Member

I give a lot of credit to shows like 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper 360. I often yell at the TV while I watch shows like this, but I love hearing stories. Cooper gets himself and his producers on the … Continue reading

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Gloria Allred will do anything for fame

Gloria Allred is lawyer. She is also a pig. A media hound. She will do ANYTHING for attention, publicity and to keep her name relevant. I am have been utterly disgusted with her conduct before in the past, but the last … Continue reading

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Another example of insane union power

This will be a short post. If you showed up drunk to your private sector job, wouldn’t you be fired? Watch this video and tell me public unions do not have too much power. There’s a provision in these union … Continue reading

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Where is Obama??

Muammar al-Gaddafi, lunatic leader of Libya, has been winning the fight to push back rebels looking to win freedom and independence. In Egypt, the leadership did nothing, and a peaceful, fairly nonviolent victory was won. But for weeks now, Libyans … Continue reading

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Please think before you speak

This man is Adrian Peterson. He plays running back for the Minnesota Vikings. He is one of the most talented football players in a long time. The NFL has had recent labor disputes with its players, and in a candid … Continue reading

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At least Wisconsin has some leaders

I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable guy around. But I do know when things don’t make sense and I lay my chips on the table. So here’s my take: The situation in Wisconsin is out of control and … Continue reading

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Access to the Libyan Movement

I truly believe the situation in Libya will long be a fascinating lesson for history classes to study. Not taking away from the plight of other protesters in the region, but in the face of planes gunning down citizens, Libyans … Continue reading

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