Bio Info

Being born and bred in the NW, I love my Hawks, Mariners and Sonics (RIP)

Aside from the scant About section, I wanted to give my readers a view of where I come from and maybe a little of why I hold the views I do. First and foremost, I have a deeper love for sports than politics. I grew up in the shadow of the Kingdome and have had a passion for sports three times as long as politics.

I was born in Bellevue, Washington and moved soon thereafter a few miles south to Federal Way, WA. Here is where my love of soccer began to develop. My sister and I played, my dad coached and refereed and my mom cheered us all on. Soccer was just beginning to become the booming sport it is today, not only in the country but in the pacific northwest. The Seattle Sounders were winning A-League championships and their games were exciting to attend and the MLS was just on the horizon.

Always been pretty good with my hands.

My family relocated again, this time to Vancouver, WA, the place I now consider home. Soccer not only became a sport to play, but an everyday activity. Practices, games, traveling, tournaments, hotels. You name it, we did it. Fortunately I have been able to travel around the country and world playing the game I love.

Some people might think the stances I take are because of my family’s beliefs. While my parents are somewhat political, I don’t feel they are as interested as I am on certain issues, and growing up I had very little politically charged talks with my parents. They actually differ with me on quite a few issues. My grandparents, however, made no bones about their standings: pretty republican and hands off the market and freedoms.

It wasn’t until late in my high school experience that I began to appreciate (or detest) how our country was being run. The Drudge Report and its style of allowing its users to get news and click links that stand out to them. Its content shows the unbelievable things that our leaders do in Washington and around the world. The site was a huge catalyst for my interest in politics.

The incredible hypocrisy of our government officials and spending are the things that really grind my gears.  Although a lot of college students become liberalized by the overwhelmingly liberal professors in this country, my time in college has only strengthened my resolve to see the country return to its roots, not abandon those ideals. The tea party movement has uplifted my resolve and let me understand that people around the country are just as involved as I am, and care about getting our country out of the ditch.

For this reason, I have created a section for you to explore where I stand on certain issues. It is a page for you find out a little about me, to agree or disagree, and allow you to comment on where you think I am right or wrong. Free and open debate is something I cherish and if you want to weigh in, go right ahead.


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