Gun Rights

During the last few weeks I have had two examples that illustrate pretty well how I feel about personal gun rights. In International Politics, we talked about nuclear proliferation and the fact that nuclear weapons can be the biggest force for peace in the world. “The more horrible the prospects for war, the less likely war is.” This principle can be applied directly to guns. Watch this video, it makes very good points in a short amount of time. Listen to criminals in this video talk about what scares them from committing crime.

Also in the above article: “Moreover, [nuclear weapons] are more useful for self-defense than for aggression.” Being able to protect your life, liberty and property is a founding principle in this country, as is the second amendment.

The second example came from my Intro to Film class in watching Unforgiven starring Clint Eastwood. The city of Big Whiskey doesn’t allow guns within its city. This easily allows the brutal sheriff Little Bill and his deputies to run rough shot over everything in town. As soon as we let government take arms away from the citizens, all other freedoms can be taken away without recourse.

The above video also talks about students being able to carry guns on campuses. With limits, I agree this can be effective. We have already established that Resident Assistants are worth while, responsible students on campuses, why not give them tools to train with and conceal a threat stopping tool? Professors and administration are also responsible are they not? Grant them the ability to defend themselves, their class and their university.


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